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Gloria - ZUMBA® Fitness, ZUMBA® Toning, PILOXING.

Hello my name is Gloria Moncayo, I have been a Zumba® instructor for more than 4 years and have happily been part of Body in Motion for almost three years. Being a Zumba® instructor is more than a job for me, it is my life and passion. I enjoy each and every dance move in my class because I know it benefits each and everyone of us. I love to see my students smiling faces knowing that I was a part of their lives and well-being by bringing fitness, music and choreography to them. I love to improvise my routines, always keeping it fresh and new, I fully enjoy challenging the members to push themselves and in turn, they challenge me. Come to my class, join me and get a taste of my flavor! You won't regret it! 

Joshua - ZUMBA® Fitness (Basics 1 & 2), ZUMBA® Toning, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor Certification.

My name is Joshua McCarty Rochon, I am a PE & football coach who loves inspiring young children to always do their best inside and outside of the classroom. I have been hooked on Zumba® since 2010. My passion is teaching Zumba® especially Cardio Zumba®. My main objective in every class personally, is seeing and developing a bond with all the people who come to Body In Motion in and outside of class. Also having every person forget whatever is going on in his or her life for that hour and to relieve the stress of the day. “PUSH IT, PUSH IT PUSH IT SOME MORE!” is my saying and motto. I always want the best out of every class, never leave anything behind, both in class or in life. I want the same for the people who come to Body In Motion. Having that never quit attitude is what makes Cardio Zumba® so much fun! Lets Go! Are you ready to “PUSH IT” and get those results lets make it happen!!!

Monica - PiYo® Live, R.I.P.P.E.D., P90X®Live, Weight Training Coordinator

Hi! My name is Monica Stahl, a passionate, determined, and energetic BIM fitness instructor who loves everything fitness! I have always been athletic and enjoyed physical activity but true healthy eating and a structured exercise routine became part of my life in my efforts to lower my high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. With two heart murmurs and an enlarged heart... the decision to make it a lifestyle was easy. I began taking PiYo Live classes in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the format and decided I wanted to lead classes and help my students discover their inner strength. With a background in education, it was only natural for me to seek out other certifications to further my education in fitness. I am currently certified to teach PiYo Live, P90X Live, R.I.P.P.E.D., and currently pursuing my AFAA certification in Personal Training. I strive to give my best in every class I teach and love to push my students to challenge themselves to discover what they are capable of. There is no feeling better than being physically fit - except knowing that someone else is physically fit and following a healthy lifestyle because of you!

Sarai - R.I.P.P.E.D., Les Mills BODYPUMP™.

My name is Sarai and I am here to get you fit! I am a mother of two girls and I am an educator. I love spending time with my family and go to the movies. As your BIM instructor and friend, I am here to help you on your journey to a healthier you. I started doing R.I.P.P.E.D. in 2012, then I became certified and started teaching at BIM in 2013. I took a leave to enjoy my second pregnancy and now I am back!!! Back to sweating with you, kicking with you, punching with you, lifting with you, and much more. My goal is to improve your form and strength while making it fun and challenging!! Let me help you enjoy your workout and at the same time help you build strength, endurance and reach your goals!! I love teaching R.I.P.P.E.D. and I love that the participants fall in love with it as much as I do, let’s get R.I.P.P.E.D at BIM!!!

Stephanie - PiYo® Live, ZUMBA® Fitness, R.I.P.P.E.D.

I began attending Zumba® Fitness classes in January of 2010 and by July became a certified Instructor and went from the back of the room to the very front. I loved it. I could not believe how much of a workout Zumba® Fitness really was nor the way my body started changing from attending classes 3-4 times a week. My mentor, who will always be a very special part of my life, taught me a specific way of isolating different areas of the body to help tone and sculpt. To me, Zumba® Fitness is not about booty shakin’ or looking sexy; it is about disciplining and moving your body while dancing to get the most out of a workout. A lot of people may think “you don’t get sore doing Zumba® Fitness,” or “it’s just dancing and checking yourself out in the mirror.” But here at Body In Motion, the quality of Zumba® Fitness offered will prove that working-out can be fun and beneficial to your health and physique. Results are happening!!! When class is over I see several things. I see drenched shirts/tops and wet rings around necks. I see the faces of members flushed from the burning and sweating. I see their hands on their hips and catching their breath. I see members who came in having bad day, leave with a huge smile on their face. I see that the t-shirt they were wearing a month ago fits them a little looser. I see the reasons why I love doing what I do. My one and only focus is to give members that attend my classes the best time they can have while working-out. After 5 years of being an instructor, I still get excited and super pumped to head to Body In Motion to give my class. Body In Motion has given me the confidence to instruct anyone, anywhere; from a small and personal class to a large crowded class of males and females of ALL ages and levels of fitness. Come join us at Body In Motion and see what you've been missing!

Sylvia - Gym Operations Manager

R.I.P.P.E.D., PILOXING, Timba Dance & Fitness, Les Mills BODYPUMP™.

Hello, my name is Sylvia Nuñez, mother of 4 beautiful daughters of which two are a set of very active twins. After my last pregnancy with the twins I realized that I had lost muscle due to the lack of movement and the endeavors of a pregnancy, also, in caring for my girls 24/7 I just forgot to take care of myself. So, I began an exercise program that would force me to eat healthy, clean and to rebuild muscle. My progress has taken some time and effort but with love and dedication it has not been impossible. I decided to become a fitness instructor to help and motivate everyone who doesn't believe or think they are capable of getting healthy and have feel good about themselves. I have now been a fitness instructor at Body in Motion for three years as well as the Gym Operations Manager and loving every minute of it. The amazing progress that our members and fitness class attendees show is what keeps me going and wanting to improve myself so I can continue helping and motivating others to reach their fitness goals. Join us at Body in Motion, I will personally make you feel welcomed and right at home!